How to connect your Phone Device ( ATA )

For Grandstream HT801 or HT802 Telephony Device ( ATA )


1. Connect the phone device to your internet modem using the included network cable to the blue network port ( RJ-45 ).


2. Connect the phone device to a power source using the included power cable.


3. Connect a phone handset/headset to the phone device using a phone cable to the green phone port ( RJ-11 )


4. The phone device is ready when all lights are illuminated.


5. You can locate the phone number assigned to you and your current voicemail password in the " Phone Services - Account Details " email that was sent to you. If you did not get this email, please contact us.



Phone Features
  • Voicemail : Press *98 and enter the default (1234) or set password. 
  • Do Not Disturb (DND ) : To turn on, press *79. To turn off, press *78.
  • Call Forwarding : Press *72 + 10 digit phone number. To turn off, press *73.




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