How to connect your TV Service (ATOP)

For Roku Premiere, Express, Streaming Stick+, Ultra

1. Connect the Roku device directly to any available HDMI input on your display / TV

    • Power can be supplied via USB port on display / TV or via the provided power adapter
    • If it's your first time hooking up your Roku Device, you will need to connect the device to your Wi-Fi and create a Roku Account before proceeding. 
    • If you need help doing this, refer to your Roku Product Instructions or contact Roku.
2. From the Home screen,  move up/down to find the Search Menu and search for " ATOP ".
3. Click the " Atop Television Cable " app

4. Click on " Add channel " and then "Go to channel"

5. Go back to your Home screen. The Atop app should be available in your list.


6. You will need to login using the username / password information that was provided to you in the "TV Service - Account Details" email that should have been sent to you when you signed up. 

* If you did not receive this email or need your login details, please contact us.





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